Gaia’s Breath is an Eichinger Sculpture classic.  It has been one of the most well received sculptures by Martin Eichinger.   Since 1995 when the original was crafted there have been several editions at different scales but the demand for it has remained continuous and all editions have sold out. 

           Though Gaia’s Breath was originally sculpted almost twenty years ago it’s powerful imagery is perhaps even more relevant today.  The sculpture symbolically portrays the creation of a new planet having life breathed into it by Gaia, the Greek goddess, Mother of all.  She is rising from the exhausted old Earth while breathing life into the new.  A beautiful message of hope is offered with this sculpture.

            The new Gaia’s Breath is an impressive 48 inches tall and weighs 150 pounds.  The edition is limited to just 50, plus 5 artist proofs. It's official public release is scheduled for November 15, 2013. Contact your favorite Eichinger Sculpture carrying Gallery for more information or feel free to contact us for images and local Galleries.