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Sculpture and Conversation

Sculpture and Conversation

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Post Modern Series

Continuing in his dynamic figurative style, Eichinger has created a new look with his Post Modern Series. The patina differs from previous works with a silver nitrate over polished bronze to create a monochromatic look. 

Post Modern
Pivotal Moment
On the Other Hand

The Goddess Series

These narrative sculptures present a mood and a mythos of ideas and ethics. Each stands powerfully as an individual. Together they symbolize the rising strength of the feminine. Each is potent with meaning that leaps far beyond the ancient Greek elements from which they were inspired.

Essence of Brimstone
Gaia's Breath
Sky Lark
Lotus Blossom

The Meditation Series

For over 30 years, Eichinger has practiced a four-breath meditation, an important creative centering tool. These mantras became the focus of this sculptural series with each piece representing one breath.

One with the Universe
To Love Is To Be
Three Options Are Open
Fortify My Spirit

The Dream Series

A dream is a cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal. It is also a very personal state of mind that can be trance-like, transcendent, representative of joy or hope, or even disillusioning. This series depicts figures in various states of being, daydreaming, sleeping, yearning, in ecstasy, agony or exaltation with each dream hidden within the subject’s own imagination.

Security Blanket_16in-web
Dreams of Ecstasy
On Wings of Hope
Pillow Dance
Silent Reverie
Lullaby - Bust
Helping Hand
Exotic Women Series
To communicate what the artist describes as “modern myth”, Eichinger pairs powerful women and exotic animals in this provocative series. The relationships depicted delve into the spiritual realm and symbolism of feminine nature such as wisdom, magic, truth, denial, fear and renewal.
Exotic Women
Seeing in the Dark
Adrenaline Rising - Bust
Adrenaline Rising
Dancing with Crocodiles
Between a Book and a Buffalo
Between Book and Buffalo - Gilded
Out for Exercise
Last Look
Mythic Man Series
These mythological characters depict strong figures wrestling with and confronting invisible forces. Sampson is Bringing Down the House, Sisyphus is All Downhill from Here, and Atlas is The Weight of the World.
Mythic Man
Weight of the World
All Down Hill
Bringing Down the House
Whimsical Narrative Sculptures
Many of Martin's images focus on different ways to consider nature and how we interact with it. Unlike some of his other themes, this group is a bit more whimsical. 
Whimisical Narrative
Eyes of a Turtle
Primal Knowledge
The Duet Series
Martin has added romantic sculptures to The Duet Series several times since the early 1990s. Each bronze sculpture includes a couple in a different relationship. Some of these come from Martin’s own experiences. Others are from his observations. Exquisitely rendered, the depth of these sculptures of dancers moves far beyond simple aesthetics. The dramas of each couple explore the dynamic nature of relationships.
Free to Fly
Dance of Yes and No
Dance of Yes & No Busts
Bird in the Hand
Cross My Heart
Dancing With the Devil

Ideoform Series  

This series was inspired by ideograms, a communications form used by many Asian cultures. The forms are like brush strokes created in space with certain meanings and emotions attached. Unlike most of Eichinger’s work, the figures are a response to the mood of the abstract shapes. The series connects with the artist’s interest in scientific principles.

Heat Rising
Event Horizon

The Dance Series

Dynamic movements, expressive emotion - inspired by the pleasures of living. A blissful abandon - letting go of our lead as we dance through life, spirited and free.

Dancing By Heart
Sail Away
Fireside Dancer

Circus Series

The Circus Sculpture Series is full of entertaining and talented characters inspired by performance artists. Eichinger's interest in these characters began years ago. They are both playful and thoughtful at the same time. Each sculpture in this edition has a colorful patina appropriate to each circus character. 


Man & Technology Series

Eichinger’s first major sculpture series remains one of his most clearly chronological narratives. 

It illustrates his belief that the viewer plays an integral role in the interpretation of a sculpture’s narrative. The series in remarkably contemporary, though conceived and created decades ago.

Man and Technology
The Quest
Final Adjustments
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