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A creative collaboration by

Eichinger Sculpture Studio

and Koble Creative


Press Release

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Crystalis, was developed by two Portland-based creative studios: Eichinger Sculpture Studio and Koble Creative.  


Synchronized images from three projectors focus on the pod’s translucent panels to produce a mesmerizing effect visible from 360 degrees. Viewers walk around the display as the images dance and tumble within the projection chamber.

For over 40 years, Eichinger Sculpture Studio has created sculptural experiences, whether in traditional, figurative bronzes, science-based projects, and electronic installations. Martin Eichinger’s philosophy is that sculpture should be a dialogue that captures the viewer’s curiosity and inspires conversation.

Koble Creative emphasizes an integrated team-oriented approach within their architectural practice. Through imaginative use of space and materials, they create structures that enable creative people to function more effectively and comfortably.

Images: Clockwise from top - 2019 PDX Winter Light Fest Video: Team meeting - Martin Eichinger, Walt Dimick, Robbin Atherly, Terry Amundson, Melissa Meiners; Night shot from 2019 OMSI location; BodyVox dancer, Gillian St. Germain; Original concept drawing for Crystalis.

Photo of Crystalis
Group Photo
Crystalis photo at night
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