Mythic Sculpture

Exotic Women Series
To communicate what the artist describes as “modern myth”, Eichinger pairs powerful women and exotic animals in this provocative series. The relationships depicted delve into the spiritual realm and symbolism of feminine nature such as wisdom, magic, truth, denial, fear and renewal.
Mythic Man Series
These mythological characters depict strong figures wrestling with and confronting invisible forces. Sampson is Bringing Down the House, Sisyphus is All Downhill from Here, and Atlas is The Weight of the World.
Passage Series
Transitions are the moments of suffering that lead to new and higher states of being. By stripping away the cover of clothing, these reborn emerging figures are left reborn in a new pure state of being. Emotionally charged, this series touches the most profound experiences of the human condition, i.e. the moments of transcendence.
Whimsical Narrative Sculptures
Many of Martin's images focus on different ways to consider nature and how we interact with it. Unlike some of his other themes, this group is a bit more whimsical. 

Eichinger Sculpture Studio

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