Martin Eichinger: Storytelling with Sculpture


Although most people see me as a figurative sculptor, I see myself as a conceptual artist. It's the concept that connects my heart and soul to those who view, or preferably, feel my work. Art that becomes part of a shared culture is much larger than the aesthetic experience alone. I want my sculptures say more about us as a people, about our spirits or our aspirations.

Throughout my career, I have incorporated kinetics to transform science theory into interactive experiences. By incorporating space, time and movement, I expand sculpture to structures where motion and interaction are driven by water, wind, power and imagination.

The goal is to involve viewers in both the space and the idea to evoke reaction, inspiration, reflection and conversation.

By sharing story and emotion through the form I feel connected in a deeper way, both with the people who view it and, perhaps most importantly, to the work itself. I feel that my artwork is complete once I sense that it has entered someone's life in a meaningful way.

Eichinger Sculpture Studio

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