The Meditation Series

For over 30 years, Eichinger has practiced a four-breath meditation, an important creative centering tool. These mantras became the focus of this sculptural series with each piece representing one breath.


The Goddess Series

These narrative sculptures present a mood and a mythos of ideas and ethics. Each stands powerfully as an individual. Together they symbolize the rising strength of the feminine. Each is potent with meaning that leaps far beyond the ancient Greek elements from which they were inspired.


Post Modern Series

Continuing in his dynamic figurative style, Eichinger has created a new look with his Post Modern Series. The patina differs from previous works with a silver nitrate over polished bronze to create a monochromatic look. 

Dream Series

A dream is a cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal. It is also a very personal state of mind that can be trance-like, transcendent, representative of joy or hope, or even disillusioning. This series depicts figures in various states of being, daydreaming, sleeping, yearning, in ecstasy, agony or exaltation with each dream hidden within the subject’s own imagination.