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Edition of 100

I sometimes have to pause,

A forced sort of pause,

To think about the one that got away,

And nature's will to take away perfection.

"I can get it back, I'll get her back."

But she looks up and smiles, "Not quite!"

No doubt pleased by her great escape.

A pause to center up and take some strength

From this meal of humble pie,

And thank her for the nourishment.

Some say I practice to be perfect,

But truth be known,

It's the higher plane of failure

That keeps me on my path.

She looks at me, I look at her,

So once again we start out equal

While the pause recalls,

It's the one on the floor

That I'm juggling for. 

Bronze: 20"H x 14"W x 11"D

And One on the Floor

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