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Edition of 100

I push and I pull and the music is tight,

Not too fast in the night, got that rhythm just right.

When she slithers the rope, it’s me that she feels.

She glistens, I listen; only I hear her moans.

Those voyeurs sit bug-eyed as the ecstasy builds,

But the climax we reach for those flies on the wall,

Is ours all alone, just the same, in the end.

Late at night when she dreams of a soft, gentle touch,

It’s me in her mind, in her bed, intertwined.She loves me,

I know, and she has for a while. But a Star is a Star and it wouldn’t be right. 

If you knew what I know of our love in the night.

So, I’m caught in her web and I don’t really care,

Her poison elixir, the sweetest of plight.Bronze: 10' rope, 10.5"W x 10.5"D

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