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Edition of 50

When he asked me to dance, I could see in his eyes,

That he wanted to love me and give me his soul.

He looks like he could be the man in my dreams,

So we waltz ‘round the floor and spin in the moonlight.

He leads me; I follow.  I’m never sure where.

The earth moves beneath me while Sam holds me tight.

He whispers, "Oh, Beautiful." I melt in his arms.

Purple mountain’s majesty, spacious skies above,

I tell him, "I love you."  And he says, "me too."

But his eyes are out roaming to see who might hear.

I get this strange feeling his words of forever

Are of later this evening and into the night.

And the freedom I’ll give him, I fear in the morning,

Alone with his promise, "Till death do us part."

Bronze: 27.5"H 18"W x 12"D

Liberty's Waltz

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