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“The positive power of art: When it celebrates life, when its healing power is set free, when it is able to enchant the heart.”

- Marty Eichinger.

Eichinger Sculpture

Martin Eichinger’s narrative bronze sculptures reflect mythic concepts, storytelling, and romantic themes.

“My attention has shifted to a renewed interest in human emotions, contemporary mythic storytelling and particularly in the refinement of my skills, as much as I am able to capture that elusive quality called ‘beauty.’”

Figurative sculptures and dream-like narratives have been the expression of Martin Eichinger's thoughts for over 30 years. There is, however, another thread that unites many of his creations. He is also fascinated with science and our relationships on a much larger, cultural, even cosmic scale.

From the Heart Book

From the Heart: Sculpture by Martin Eichinger, an art book by Richard Speer.


Dance of Yes and No

Bronze Sculpture

Light Blade photo

Kinetic and Public Art


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