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Public Art Sculpture

Kinetic Stories - Animated Sculptures and Architectural Elements

Throughout his career, Martin Eichinger has explored kinetics by turning science theory into interactive experiences. He incorporates space, time and movement, and expands his sculptural oeuvre to include structures driven by water, wind, power and imagination.

The goal of his kinetic work matches his figurative sculptures - to involve viewers in the space and evoke reaction, inspiration, reflection and conversation.

We partner with architects, interior designers and building owners to create engineered visual art solutions. Our team of problem solvers includes sculptors, builders, fabricators, programmers, hardware designers and graphic designers. We partner at the conceptual phase to conceive unique experiences. We create the appropriate impact for your location. Contact us to discuss your goals.

Animated LED building facade

Eichinger and his creative team designed animated architectural elements into The Geode’s exterior facade in Portland, Oregon.

Two 35' acrylic towers display 30,000 LEDs to create a continuously changing series of abstract images.

Light Blade

Light Blade

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Public Art

Crystalis was the centerpiece installation at the 2019 and 2020 Portland Winter Light Festival. The piece displayed a performance by Jillian St. Germain of BodyVox depicting a figure emerging as a butterfly. 

The images were shot with three video cameras and projected into a series of translucent panels to create a captivating illusion. 

Crystalis was shown at OMSI 2019 and in the Salmon Creek Fountain 2020.

Star Catcher, 2023 Portland Winter Light Festival main attraction at the World Trade Center.

The Star Catcher is a 3 dimensional journey through the universe incorporating new imagery from The Hubble and The James Webb Space Telescope along with other special effects. Multiple projectors bring our 5 sided pentangular venue to life as we appear to travel from one galaxy on to the next and then to some strange unknown places in between. Our crystal device and multiple projectors enhances our trip through space by adding the 3rd and 4the dimensionality to the experience of time travel. We hope you enjoy the trip!

GalaxSea, 2024 Portland Winter Light Festival!

Welcome to an undersea adventure into the deep, dark depths of our planet's mysterious oceans. GalaxSea immerses us in the world of bioluminescence.

GalaxSea uses projectors to place video images of bioluminescent life moving through the blackness of the ocean's depths. But this is not ordinary projection. It captures multiple images in an almost holographic way, allowing the sea life to appear to be floating through a deep undersea environment. The outer globes are illuminated to reveal the wonderful sea-life that exists in the depths of the ocean. These incredible creatures are rarely seen.